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In the UK, many agencies work together to make sure that our country is a safe and secure place to live and to work. These agencies include the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Probation Service, Prison Service, Courts, and others. The Criminal Justice System includes both the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office. The vast network also includes Law Officers, The National Offender Management Service, and The Serious Fraud Office.

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The Crown Prosecution Service decides if it is in the best interest of the public to pursue a prosecution. The more evidence you have, the better your chances of getting a conviction. Body worn cameras are a useful technology that can provide a first-person perspective on what police officers experience.

In England and Wales, 43 police forces are responsible for investigating crimes, collecting evidence and arresting or detaining suspected offenders. In minor cases, the police will decide if they want to warn the suspect, not take any further action, give a fixed-penalty notice, refer the case to the CPS, or issue a conditional warning.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for various parts of the Justice System – courts, prisons and probation services. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for criminal, civil, and family justice as well as democracy, rights, and the Constitution. From court ushers up to crown court judges, many people work here. For Family Law Gloucester, contact Dee & Griffin, where you can get assistance with Family Law Gloucester.

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The Courts Service administers all civil, family and penal courts in England and Wales. The majority of criminal cases heard in magistrates’ and crown courts are prosecuted by advocates representing CPS. Magistrates’ court deals with less serious criminal offences. Youth courts are magistrates’ courts that deal with minor charges, but not the most serious ones. Crown Courts are responsible for the most serious crimes, and can be tried with a judge and jury when a not-guilty plea is entered. Crown Courts have greater sentencing powers.

The Home Office is the leading government department in terms of immigration, passports, drug policy, crime, anti-terrorism, and police. Here is where crime and security policies are developed. The Serious Fraud Office is responsible for prosecuting serious fraud and corruption.

The National Offender Management Service is made up of the Probation Service, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, and administers correctional services in England and Wales. The prison and probation services are responsible for ensuring that the sentences handed down by the courts are carried out properly and working with offenders on the root causes of their criminal behaviour.

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