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Fruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans

Fruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans. The big day is approaching, you are going to wear the fateful dress but you have not yet chosen which will be the cadeaux  with which to thank your guests. No problem! Today we will talk about handmade jams: an original idea but at the same time you will also save favors to  be left to your guests at the end of the day. We are talking about the delicious and tasty jam jars to be used as tasty favors! The steps to make them are few and simple, in addition, we will help you to tailor them, so each wedding favor will be unique and exclusive and your guests more than happy!

How to prepare jam jarsFruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans

If you have decided to give your guests DIY, the jars of homemade jam are the answer to what you were looking for! It is very likely that you are already able to prepare jam at home, indeed maybe you will be a professional, however for those instead who want to try their hand for the first time in this venture, it would be better to be supervised and help from more experienced hands ;  it is not the case to ruin it with jams that did not come well.

If you want to moderate your expenses and you are only at the beginning of your program, take advantage of the time available to store the glass jars to be used for jams: your cheap wedding favors will undoubtedly be an original idea from which everyone will want get ideas. Remember not to exaggerate with the measures, choose jars with a small size, otherwise you will have to prepare a lot of jam, especially if yours is not an ‘intimate’ wedding. But now let’s go to the practical part and start from a basic recipe to prepare a delicious jam, of course, everyone has a secret ingredient uses slightly different doses, this depends a lot on personal tastes, we propose a very simple one. It is one of the best tips for fruit preserves.

IngredientsFruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans

Organic seasonal fruit, ripe at the right point (not too much!)


PreparationFruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans

Cut the fruit into small pieces, put them in a pot and cook over medium heat, adding the sugar a little at a time. Depending on the acidity of the chosen fruit, you will add more or less sugar. Usually, for a kilo of fruit correspond 500g of sugar. Once the desired consistency has been reached, remove from the heat and pour the still hot or warm jam into the already sterilized jars. (see next step). It is one of the best tips for fruit preserves. Keep reading Fruits, vegetables and spring vegetables: These are their benefits

storageFruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans

Done! Finally, your jam is ready, for sure the result will be perfect, now you just have to store it in the special glass jars previously set aside for this purpose. Before pouring the jam into the jars, they must be sterilized, and you can do this by placing them, wrapped in tea towels, so that they do not hit and break between them in a pot. Then fill it with water and bring to a boil for 30 minutes (the last ten minutes add the lids). After the indicated time, take the hot jars with pliers and let them dry upside down. Once dry you can fill with the warm jam (which must have the same temperature of the jar) up to half a centimeter from the edge. It is one of the best tips for fruit preserves.

Eremetic closure

Perhaps the most important passage of all in the preparation of jam jars is the closure that must be strictly airtight so as not to form bacteria. In case of twist off cap (those swollen in the middle) close and press on the central bulge until you hear the click, then turn the jar upside down and let it cool completely, so you will create the vacuum. If you have any doubts that your jar has been closed tightly, just press the central part of the cap again and you will not have to hear any click-clack! For the other types of lid follow the same procedure, the cooling of the jam will create pressure on the lid and will close it tightly! It is one of the best tips for fruit preserves.

Customization of jarsFruit preserves: tasty favors with DIY jam cans

Here we are at the fun part, the customization of every jam jar! We have thought of this by putting at your disposal some fantastic labels to glue on each jar, which you can download here, print them and cut them out. On each of them you will find the romantic phrase “Love in Preservation for …” and add the name of the person to whom the wedding favors are destined! If you do not like the idea of the label, you can tie your jars with an elegant satin ribbon of the cards with some love phrases or a special dedication to every single guest. The result will be incredible and your guests will remain to say the least enthusiastic!  It is one of the best tips for fruit preserves.

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