Premier League 2020/21: Manchester City’s title chances this season

Manchester City has established themselves as an unstoppable force in the Premier League this season. They have been on a winning streak lately, setting new records, especially with their latest Everton win. The Blues have won every top-flight match they’ve played in 2021 and reached ten straight wins.

Their 3-1 victory was a display of the talent and skill that resides in Guardiola’s squad. Of course, the Blues have an abundance of world-class players, so we can expect such performances. With players like Riyad Mahrez, Kevin de Bruyne, new addition Phil Foden (and many more), Manchester City boasts a team like no other.

Their trusty goalkeeper, Ederson, is also a force to be reckoned with and an integral part of the Blues’ success this year. The Brazilian also appears in Sportingbet’s list of Premier League’s greatest goalkeepers.

And Pep Guardiola is looking to strengthen his unstoppable team even further. Their defensive stability has significantly improved, and this could be due to the influence of Ruben Dias, specifically. Although one player cannot take credit for the whole of the defense department, it is hard to ignore the defensive strength that Dias has brought to the core of the team.

The team no longer has to worry about a certain centre-back spot since Dias delivers every time. He also works quite well with John Stones and compliments him. The duo has created a flawless partnership and worked together to create an indestructible armour for the Blues.

Guardiola commented on this when asked if their defense had improved from last season:

“Of course, last season was the worst in these terms. The first season was bad, but in the second and the third season we conceded few – especially at the big points.”

However, will the Blues remain consistent in their Premier League success so far with other major competitions in play? So far, Guardiola’s side has managed with their busy schedule, and they seem to have no issue playing twice a week. In terms of injuries, they have already been coping surprisingly well without Kevin de Bruyne for the last five games and Sergio Aguero for most of the season. Thus, it is safe to say the Blues will excel effortlessly.

In other news, Liverpool has got some serious rebuilding to do. After last year’s whopping success, the standards have dropped massively this season. According to recent speculation, it is confirmed that the Reds are no longer in the title race for the Premier League after some critical blunders. Now, they must focus on the Champions League and securing a top-four spot. Their recent defeat vs Everton displayed how badly the team is out of sync and Alisson Becker especially. Although the Brazilian goalkeeper was heavily involved in Liverpool’s success last season, along with Virgil van Dijk, he seems to have succumbed to the pressure, committing massive mistakes and costing the Reds points.

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