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Types of Email Marketing

Savvy marketers are always seeking new ways to build customer relationships and grow revenue.

They keep brainstorming while selecting the correct format to achieve their email marketing goals. 

As you read, this article will discuss the various marketing emails you could send to your prospects and their associated outcomes – pros and cons.

Stay tuned!

This information should let you make an informed decision about choosing the right kind of email type. 

Before that, let me ask you this,

How did you find email addresses to build your prospect list?

Email lookup tool to find an email address

Email lookup tools such as are great ways to find an email address. This tool is highly preferred for the high accuracy rate, quick turnaround time, and excellent customer support.

Which tool have you been using?

Now, let us see the different types of email marketing;

Welcome emails

When you initially contact your prospects, a majority of them are not ready to do business. 

According to research, only twenty-five percent of leads are immediate sales-ready; however, around fifty percent of leads are qualified but not ready to purchase.

Therefore, nurturing is essential for pushing your potential leads to the buying stage.

You can ensure a better email open rate and CTR with a highly personalized touch and avoid sales pitches.

Until you build a good relationship with your audience, not introducing a new product or service is good.

Just focus on getting a good first impression, illustrating your expertise. 

The outcome could be good or bad based on how you did it.

Yes, it could help you to boost the email open rate, click-through rate, etc., building a solid relationship with your ideal customers.

And if you don’t do it the right way, you are sure to lose the chance of closing a deal.

Dedicated emails

These are referred to as stand-alone emails that focus only on one subject at a time. 

For instance, you may inform your prospects about an award you have received or invite them to attend an upcoming webinar.

The significant advantage of this email type is that it is easy to build, has a focused call-to-action, and can quickly measure the result.

And the disadvantage is that you can’t include other important information in one email, and it may affect your email schedules – you may not be able to follow a consistent routine.

Sponsorship emails

When you wish to reach out audience out of your email database to acquire new leads, you can try sponsorship emails. 

You would be paying to add your email copy to another vendor’s email newsletter in this email type.

You need to check with the vendor for any size restrictions.

The pros of sponsorship emails are that it is highly targeted and you can estimate the exact ROI. And the cons are that it is paid, requires a dedicated marketing effort and control, and you cannot execute this with a small marketing team.

Nurturing Emails

This type of email is all about developing a good understanding of your leads’ needs and timings. 

In this, you would be working on a highly connected series of emails full of helpful content. 

The significant advantage is that this can be automated and is highly targeted.

Besides this, other email types include transactional emails, newsletters, re-engagement emails, video emails, testimonial request emails, etc.

Final Thoughts

Being aware of different types of email types helps you to experiment in your email marketing campaign. For Approval

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