What industries use DBS checks

There are a number of reasons that a company might need to identify who their customers are and KYC software such as that available from is a great way to do this. In other cases, it might be necessary to have checks undertaken on your current and prospective staff. There are a number of industries where this is essential, and this is where DBS checks come in.

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Medical – working in medicine or other care capacities will see people looking after those who can be in a very vulnerable state. This means that not only do those who work in this sector need to be eligible to work in the UK and have the necessary qualifications for their roles, but they also need to not have any criminal convictions that might prevent them from fulfilling their roles.

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Education – similarly to medical professions, it is important that when employing people to work or even volunteer in schools, that they are suitable. The DBS is one of the most important checks that are undertaken in educational settings. The checks help to ensure that the individual does not have any criminal convictions that would mean they are unsuitable to work with children and young people.

Care – as mentioned above those who work in care will be working with vulnerable people. These could be adults or children and it is important that the person’s suitability for these kinds of roles is assessed in the light of their qualifications and the results of a DBS check.


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