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10 Advantages of Working From Home

A few years ago, we would not have imagined that we could work from home, but the reality is that today there are many professions that allow teleworking, that is, remote work. And although at first glance it may seem that it only provides comfort advantages for the worker who does not have to move, the truth is that there are many more virtues of this form of employment. In the digital age, it is no longer necessary to share a physical space in order to exchange projects, ideas or opinions. So that you can assess it for yourself and perhaps comment it to your boss. Here, we present 10 advantages of working from home.

10 advantages of working from home

Here, we have presented 10 advantages of working from home.

  1. You can choose the place where you work: your home, the library, the beach, etc. depending on where you work best because it is no longer necessary to share the physical space with your colleagues.
  2. You own your time and manage it as best you can, which will give you flexible hours.
  3. You contribute to the preservation of the environment since it reduces the emissions of polluting gases by not moving in a vehicle.
  4. You enjoy a greater reconciliation of work and family life because you can better combine these two areas.
  5. In the event that you are a woman, you can closely follow the growth of your children without having to leave your professional life or the little ones in kindergartens or in charge of family members.
  6. You are more productive at home than in the office and are generally more likely to do overtime.
  7. You lead a healthier life, because you are no longer forced to eat out or with a lunch box, and you can avoid the typical “snacks” at the office.
  8. You are less stressed since office workers often consider their employment as a great burden of stress.
  9. You do not waste time every morning: you do not have to move, you do not have to think about what clothes to wear … so you can even get up later and gain hours of sleep.
  10. You can go all day in sneakers at home, which is something that is very comfortable and most of us love it.

If you think you can work from home and that will improve your performance and quality of life, talk to your superiors.

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